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The area where we are is a dump. Rubish everywhere. The more we move around the worse it is. It's hot, dirty and stinks. SImilar to some favelas in Rio and the poorest areas of Brazil.

I'm really depressed and it gets worse.

Public toilets are everywhere, but they are nothing more than 2m high tiled cavites on walls with no sewer system or DOORS! They face the street openly. There are no toilet pans either; its an easter kind of toilet which is basically a whole on the ground.

If it wasn't hard enough to walk around the streets that stinks and have no sidewalk, we get hassled by rickshaws to take us somewhere or just simply asking for money. Some are annoyingly persistent.

We walk for hours and food starts to be a concerned as we haven't found anywhere suitable for us to eat.

We go to the Red Fort. It is impressive from the outside, which is all we see due to the longest queue I've ever seen in my life. This is India showing the size of its population...

We move on to the Jama Masjid Mosque, the biggest Mosque in Asia as I was told. We can't get in due to a Muslim service in progress. It will finish at 2pm and we decide not to wait for 1hour.

We finally managed to find the more westernised area and have lunch.

We found out that a flood interrupted the trains to Madyar Pradesh (The tigers park area).Our second option to see tigers is located near the city of Jaipur where a riot took place 2 days ago. So... with 9 days ahead to the parks closure our chances to see tigers in the wild in India went down to zero as we are not very keen on facing floods or riots. Very sad as it was the main reason for us to come to India.

Less than 24hrs and I'm really depressed and feeling like we should go to China sooner than we first planned.

That was clearly not a good day.

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Frustrated plans

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We planned to get ton the 6:15 am train from Delhi to Agra and spend no time in Delhi on arrival.

We arrived at the station at 5:50am and were told we needed to buy tickets at the froeigners counter upstarir which only opens at 8am.

Upstairs a very friendly individual offers to show us where to get the tickets from. He lead us a "Dept. of Tourism India govenrment office" accross the road from the station.

The man behind the desk tell us the train is fully booked but of course he has a solution to our problems. He can provide us with a government authorized taxiwith air con for US$100 (the train would cost R282,a round A$7).

You got it right... we were being conned... It was too late. We had already missed the train.

We go back to the station and several guys try to lead us somewhere else. One guy is really pushy and shows a badly faked ID of some sort. As we try to keep moving he moves as he is about to hold Tina by the arm. He didn't - that would've been a BIG BIG mistake...

8:30, the foreigners office is open but we still go back an forth between office and several counbters until someone gives us all information we need to buy tickets.

Ticket booked to 5:40 pm; we have to spend the day in Delhi.

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Smyle Inn

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We've chosen our hotel based on a few criterias: price, transfer from airport provided and proximity to New Delhi train station.

The area is very rundown and the hotel is located in an alley with barely any tarmac, a few tiny shops and other hotels. The alley entry stinks... Badly.

The room is tolerable (glad we are living tomorrow morning to Agra on the 6:15 train). The staff, however, is friendly and very happy at 12 am, 5am and 2pm. I reckon the reception guy just sleeps behing the front desk...

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Arrival in Delhi

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9:30 pm....
4 Hours flight from Bangkok to Delhi with Jet Airways. Despite the modern aircraft the aircrew is slack in regards to attention to passengers needs and safety regulations.

We were the last ones to leave the aircraft to avoid the crowd elboing and pushing to get out. The plane was a complete mess with food wraps, plastic bags and rubish everywhere. It was shocking. But we took it as an isolated incident.

The airport is falling to pieces with rubbish and construction dump everywhere. Ok.. maybe that's just temporaty while the renovate the place...

We couldn't see much as our transfer driver (who was surprisiungly there waiting for us) took us to the hotel.But we did notice the very odd neighbourhood we were being taken too...

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